How could I help my 8-year old daughter soothe her dry, bumpy and itchy skin? This was the question I was faced with in the early 90’s. My daughter, fondly known as “Lulu”, and her skin issues were my inspiration. I began to research soap and shampoo and was astounded at the harsh chemicals found in both. It wasn’t long before I developed my own natural soap, wonderful soap! It was amazing how quickly word had spread about the beneficial qualities of my handmade soap. I quickly realized a need for other skin safe products. The Lather Up® product line grew, which includes signature lip balm (originally Gecko Grease® now LU Lip), hydrating mists, sheet sprays, body butters, lotions, bath bombs etc. With the success of repairing Lulu’s skin and the encouragement of family and friends, Heartstrings Lather Up® soaps opened its doors in the fall of 1998. It was the perfect opportunity to work from home while raising my three young children. Nestled in between corn and soybean fields, Heartstrings is a destination shoppe. Lather Up® products are created in small batches to ensure their quality. The purest Essential Oils and finest Fragrances are used. In addition, Lather Up® incorporates organic ingredients wherever possible. I strive to support American made and grown ingredients. I believe in supporting the environment by using recyclable packaging. Lather Up® soaps are manufactured with vegetable oils from sustainable sources, never using animal fats or inferior oils. My customers love the skin soothing qualities of Lather Up® handmade soap. An advantage of my soap is the natural occurring glycerin remaining in the final product. It is not processed out therefore leaving your skin soft and glowing. Fast forward twenty years and thousands of batches of soap, I still find each bar of soap to be unique. I continue to research and create innovative products to help you feel pampered and relaxed. So continue to Lather Up®, spray it on, and love your lips. Best regards, Jeannie